B i o g r a p h y

Chase composes a fusion of flamenco, classical, and folk for guitar; and pulls inspiration from nature and Ravel, Satoh, Takemitsu, and Shostakovitch for his piano and orchestral pieces.  

Chase is a self-taught composer. At age 10, his family's first computer came installed with a composition program (Midisoft) which he used to brute force pleasant sounding music (He would also like to thank the design team for programming in an introduction to classical music and music theory with scored pieces). This intuitive brute force method is still used today and has developed into improvisation on guitar and piano, and is combined with light music theory for orchestral scores. 

Chase's main instrument was the drums, playing in a progressive rock band throughout high school. He picked up guitar at 16 years and created an open tuning (used to this day) due to the complexity of the standard one. At 18, he invented a new rasguado technique that enables him to pluck the bottom strings with his thumb while quickly strumming the top strings. At 26 year of age, he began composing for orchestral instruments.

His current focus is guitar, piano, string quartets, and wind ensembles.